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Sales team, UK

"My questions never go unanswered and people really went above and beyond to ensure I felt at home from the first day."

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What does a typical day look like for you?

I take the free bus to work every day and usually get to catch up with a colleague on the drive over. Once at work, I grab a cup of coffee and organize my diary for the day. I then check my emails as well as my lead queue, following up on any urgent messages or communication that came in overnight. I have three team meetings each week which keep me updated on my team’s progress and allow us to share experiences and best practice. I also catch up with each of my four Account Executives every week. We discuss how to approach certain contacts and what the focus is going to be for the rest of the quarter. In between meetings, I organize my leads into sequences, prospect for new contacts, and reach out to these leads and contacts using emails, calls, and social media. Once a week we have a blitz day which means we form teams and focus on connecting with as many leads as possible. The winning team gets to go home early on Friday.

Where did you study and when did you graduate?

I studied a BSc in Environmental Science in Glasgow and then moved to The Netherlands, where I graduated with a Master’s in Architecture and Design. I graduated in July of 2019 and moved back to the UK a few months later.

What has your onboarding experience been like?

It has been inspiring and exhilarating, the first three weeks were filled with introductions, intensive training into GDPR and learning different programs we work with. We learned how to work with all the different programs and were introduced to the office culture. After the first week, we gradually started doing more and more interacting with leads, which was great for testing the waters on the phone and using our other modes of communication. My ambassador was a great point of contact and all my other colleagues were incredibly helpful. I’ve learned a lot in a very short time and am looking forward to piecing together more and more of the OpenText puzzle.

What do you like best?

I really enjoy the atmosphere at work. My colleagues as well as managers are lovely and approachable. My questions never go unanswered and people really went above and beyond to ensure I felt at home from the first day. Everyone here has a work hard, play hard attitude, which suits me well. Setting goals, doing research into who to target and then finally getting hold of them and having a great conversation is exciting.

How would you describe the OpenText culture?

I would say that partnership is the most important aspect of OpenText culture. Managers require you to be responsible for your own actions and learning but will equally put in the effort to ensure you have all the resources you need to be as successful as you can. Being independent, creative, and your own person is really encouraged, and this is reflected in our diverse and energetic team. The importance of a good work-life balance is constantly emphasized and Monday team meetings discuss both what we have been up to in the weekend as well as what our plans are for the work week. No one here seems to be afraid of hard work and when this hard work pays off with success, it is wholeheartedly celebrated, be it with an extra hour off on Friday, ringing the bell each time your pipeline grows, or a drink at the pub with fellow colleagues.

Is there any advice you would give to recent Graduates applying to a role at OpenText?

Do not worry about not having a technical background. While there is a lot of jargon to learn, the most important part is that you are eager to try things out and have the energy to persist. If you like interacting with people and like piecing together research, you will discover your own way of being productive swiftly. Those who were successful during the assessment day I attended were people that were wholeheartedly themselves and did their best to be open-minded as well as flexible.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Coming from a background in design, I enjoy picking up creative projects and hobbies like upholstering, screen printing and book binding. I also enjoy playing board games with my boyfriend Max, traveling, cooking and reading. Occasionally, I pick a sport and get really into it. Last year I ran a half marathon and considering Reading Climbing Centre is a two-minute walk from my house, I think that I’ll be spending a lot of time climbing in the coming years.

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