Meet our team


Sales team, Germany

"I really like to develop new ideas that have a positive impact on our customer’s business. OpenText is a huge opportunity because you can build and combine so many solutions for customers - it’s limitless."

headshot of team member

A day in the life

The most important thing I focus on every day is building relationships with my customers and teammates. I spend a lot of time understanding my customers’ needs and working with OpenText Solution Consultants and Professional Services to address these requirements.

I start off my morning by checking emails, getting to the customer site and staying with the customer, often meeting with different contacts. From there, I travel back home or to the office to finish my to-dos and work with my teams to develop solutions for any customer issues.

Why did you join?

I was referred to OpenText by a former colleague. OpenText felt like the right fit for me because I liked the idea of working with new markets and strategically managing big accounts. To me, OpenText felt like a huge opportunity to develop my skills in a lot of different areas.

What do you like best?

I really like that I develop my expertise every day because there are so many products and solutions (more than 300!). Additionally, with its M&A strategy, there are always new products being added to the OpenText portfolio. We rarely sell “out of the box” solutions, so we constantly develop new customer-centric value propositions to bring a real and unique value to the customer.

OpenText culture

OpenText is a really interesting place to be. I regularly meet new people and get a 360-degree view of everything because we have so many different functions and teams here! The people are very helpful and friendly.

It feels like there’s a team approach at OpenText to everything we do. We review and update each other regularly to ensure our placed solutions are properly implemented and create value for our customers.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy kite surfing and doing different activities like mountain biking, hiking or snowboarding. I really like nature and I try to be outside as much as possible on the weekends.